What Is Retargeting and How Does It Work?

The Basics of Retargeting in San Diego, CA

If you’ve ever looked at a product online, closed your browser, and then seen ads for that product all over the web, you’ve probably been the subject of retargeting. The online marketing strategy involves advertising to people who viewed a site or product but clicked away without converting. The experts at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEM company, explain how retargeting works.

Only about 2 percent of site users make a purchase on their first visit. Retargeting allows you to reach the other 98 percent. Although most people don’t convert initially, seeing reminders about the product or service may convince them to revisit your site. It’s likely that many of the people who clicked away from your site are still interested. They may have just gotten distracted during their browsing session, or they may be waiting to make a decision. With retargeting, you can make sure your site is still on their minds. Your targets might click on your retargeting ad when they’re ready to buy, or they might click on your site when they see it on the search engine results pages.

Retargeting works by using a small, simple Javascript code. The code doesn’t affect the site’s performance or the user experience, but it places an anonymous cookie in your visitors’ browsers. Then, your retargeting vendor serves ads to your visitors when they visit other sites.

The retargeting technique is effective because it focuses on people who have already shown interest in your site and are familiar with your brand. Depending on your product or industry, you can use specific retargeting strategies to get as many conversions as possible. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer, you can segment your visitors based on the articles of clothing they viewed. People who looked at shirts will see ads for shirts, and people who looked at pants will see ads for pants. Usually, the more specific you get with your retargeting, the more effective it can be.

There are many third-party retargeting platforms that will implement your retargeting campaign. You can also do retargeting through social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. With social media retargeting, people are more likely to share or reply to your ads, which can make you more visible to other potential customers.

While other marketing strategies are important for driving traffic to your site, retargeting can be an effective way to increase conversions, build a stronger brand association, and ensure your site visitors remember you.

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