Why Reviews Are the Most Prominent Local SEO Ranking Factor in 2017

Why Are Reviews the Most Important Local SEO Ranking Factor in 2017? in San Diego, CA

Local search ranking factors are sometimes a little different from organic SEO factors, but both are important for brick and mortar businesses. Both local and organic SEO ranking factors change over time, but in 2017 the most important factor for local SEO seems to be reviews. To back this claim, experts at a leading San Diego search engine optimization agency share a few insights.

One study looked at 200 ranking factors across 100,000 local organizations to find patterns in the businesses that rank highly in the local pack. Companies that rank well in organic searches usually also rank well in the local pack. However, many businesses also ranked in local packs if they had a substantial number of reviews, even if they don’t have traditional ranking factors like links. Even businesses without a website can rank in local pack if they have a lot of reviews.

The content of the reviews is even more important than the number of reviews, though. Businesses with reviews that mention a city name or keyword tend to rank better in the local pack than those that don’t. Responding to your reviews can also improve your local search rankings, and it can help you build a trusting relationship with your customers.

However, this doesn’t mean other ranking factors don’t matter. Even though it’s possible to rank well without links, having high-quality links can still be helpful for your rankings. Having a website is also very important. Although some businesses without websites rank, having a site is essential for ranking in organic searches. Typically, the better you rank in an organic search, the better you’ll rank in a local pack. A website is also important for providing your customers with more information about your business. Most people look at a company’s website before deciding to become patrons.

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