Tips for Safely Trying Out New PPC Strategies

Creating a content marketing strategy will include organically growing your SEO. You may also want to test out keywords with PPC. However, experimenting with paid marketing can be an expensive mistake if you’re not careful about your approach. The San Diego SEO and PPC experts from Saba SEO offer some tips on how to safely try new strategies in PPC.

Write High-Quality Copy

Creating high-quality copy is key to a successful PPC strategy. The content you post should include a catchy headline, a description with keywords or branded keywords, a link, and a call to action. This content must be valuable for the people in your target audience, and it must include enough information for customers to want to click through to your site. Most of all, your content should send customers to a page on your site they’ll want to browse and perhaps start using the shopping cart.

Include Photos

High-quality photos or series of photographs are essential in PPC marketing.

Try a Split Test

Create two advertisements with small differences in the headlines or descriptions. Let the two battle it out and see which one gets a better click rate.

Focus on Local Business

Location-based keywords can help you get more clicks and customers.

Use Negative Keywords

Prevent wasted clicks by including negative keywords in your copy. This is a money saver, as it can prevent up to 25 percent of wasted clicks.


PPC marketing isn’t for everyday use. Figure out important days for your brand, your industry, and your product. Targeting those ads for that period of time will make this more expensive way of marketing work for you.

Adjust SEO

Once you know which keywords work for your industry, utilize them in your regular content. Then find other keywords to test with PPC. The key to successful PPC marketing is always being ready to pivot when necessary.

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