Product Results Filter Added to Google Search Console

Product Results Filter Added to Google Search Console in San Diego, CA

Crammed with useful stats, Google Search Console (GSC) is a convenient portal that can be used to monitor and manage your website more efficiently and effectively. Google is now allowing Search Console users to gain even more insight into search behavior with product results filters. The experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO company, offer the following advice on what you need to know about this performance report update and why it matters.

What Changes Has Google Made?

The purpose of the new filters is to capture and display data about impressions and clicks along with product-rich results. The additional stats will be based on product-rich results markup specific to your products. To find this new data, take the following steps:

• Click “Search Appearance”
• Click “Product Results”
• Look for your listed product-related clicks and impressions
• Segment your product clicks and impressions further by device, geography, and other more specific filters

What Are “Product-Rich Results”?

Product-rich results aren’t a new thing. The only thing that’s new is the ability to quickly view this info in a performance report. These results typically show product-related information that includes:

• Product ratings
• Product price
• Product availability
• Additional descriptive information

Why Does This Search Console Update Matter?

In the world of SEO, there’s no such thing as too much data. Having this info available in Search Console reports allows you to quickly see how well your product-rich results markup is performing. According to Google, this Search Console update will also help you learn:

• How much traffic is being generated because of rich data related to your products
• How factors such as your product pricing and availability are affecting customer interactions
• How your shopping traffic has changed over time

If you’re not seeing the desired results when you look at this newly added data, go back and see how keywords related to your products are performing or take a look at how your product pages are designed and how your technical SEO features are set up for those pages. Simply recheck your product results data in Search Console to see if your adjustments helped.

If you need help understanding how to use the many features of Google Search Console, turn to Saba SEO. We’re leading experts on SEO in San Diego, and we’ve been in the industry for almost fifteen years. Our services include website development, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. To make the most of your online presence and Google’s reporting tools, call us at 858-277-1717.