Top SEO Ranking Factors from the Year Gone By

2015 SEO Ranking Factors in San Diego,CA

Improving your site’s rankings takes a bit of research and experimentation. Below are a few of the most common website ranking factors for search engine optimization during 2015 that are also sure to play a big role in how successful your site does in 2016.

1. Analyzing Link Metrics

Conducting a link audit is one of the most important factors to strategically develop and enhance your site. By taking a good look at any links that are not adding value to the site, they can be filtered out leaving room for quality links that will perform.

2. Building the Proper Backlinks

Many assume that if you throw a bunch of external links onto a site it will automatically grant you with a higher ranking. In a perfect world, this strategy would work. However, in the real world you must have trusted, authoritative links directing towards your page. These links are from established sources with good content such as well-respected news outlets or influential blogs.

3. Maintaining Proper Site Health and Architecture

Ensuring that visitors coming to your site do not have to dig through mounds of content establishes credibility and provides a good user experience. Sites that keep organization at a maximum and clutter at a minimum is a large factor in ranking higher in search. Google especially takes into account how well a site is structured in addition to mobile-readiness, sitemaps, and load time.

4. Producing Informative Site and Social Content

By creating relevant content, you can tune into what visitors to the site find most important. When you create content with unique titles and meta descriptions, visitors are more prone to become engaged with the page. Taking advantage of social media to push content is one of the top website ranking factors of 2015 to drive traffic.

Building up your ranking within the search engines requires developing a strategy that addresses the needs of the site and also those of your business. To make 2016 the best yet, turn to the San Diego online marketing pros at Saba, Inc. We can help your business climb the rankings and connect with your target audience. Give us a call at (858) 277-1717 to learn more!