2019: What Are the Major Kinds of SEO Practices?

Major Kinds of SEO Practices in 2019 in San Diego, CA

Search engine optimization (SEO) remains the most important tool for reaching new customers in 2019. What types of SEO practices exist in 2019? The San Diego SEO experts from Saba SEO explain a few you should know about.

Using Natural Voice

As smart devices invade our cars and homes, customers are using their natural voices to search for information and products, and this changes how you should approach SEO. Determine how customers might look for your products by speaking as well as by typing on a keyboard. Those keywords should be included in your SEO strategy. The more keywords you have that match voice requests, the higher your site will rank.

Going Beyond Google

While Google is the top search engine and YouTube (which is owned by Google) is second, there are some new search engines—Alexa and Siri—that are now influencing search results. Your strategy may be to corner the natural voice market of one of these lesser two search engines.

Optimizing for Local SEO

Have you listed your business on Google My Business? If not, you’re missing out on a gold mine of local customers. Half of all searches made on mobile devices are local searches. These are customers with cash in hand who are ready to buy your products. Fill out a Google My Business listing for your business, including an individual one for each of your locations.

Showing Authority

Google is creating a knowledge bank of the most authoritative sites. The websites with the most in-depth information are on the first pages of search results. How do you get your website on those coveted pages? You get there by answering questions. Google features a “people also ask” section that takes answers from websites and features them. Take questions customers ask you on social media or in emails and create content based on those questions.

Posting Videos

Video is king in 2019 and will continue to become a bigger part of the SEO game in the years to come. Include video in your blog posts and on social media and your own YouTube channel.

These are just a few of the SEO practices you can start using today. If you need help boosting the impact of your SEO strategy, call on the experienced professionals at Saba SEO, the experts on SEO San Diego companies trust for exceptional industry knowledge and high-quality service delivered with integrity. Give one of our SEO specialists a call today at 858-277-1717.