How to Write Great Content for SEO

Tips to Write Great Content for SEO in San Diego, CA

Roughly 75 percent of online searchers never go beyond the first page of results. But nothing you do with regard to SEO is going to help you get that coveted spot at the top of the first results page if you don’t present top-notch content in a way that’s in line with what today’s searchers and search engines expect. The digital marketing experts from Saba SEO, a top-tier San Diego SEO agency, suggest the following tips if you’re looking to brush up on your SEO writing.

Write for Real People First

Be mindful of the various aspects of search engine optimization when you write. However, you should also write with your target audience in mind, a goal that can be accomplished by:

  • Not making everything about your products or services
  • Showcasing what makes you an expert in your particular industry or niche
  • Basing some of your content on customer feedback so you’re covering topics that matter most to your target audience

Make Your Content Easily Digestible

Many people today are habitual skimmers. Therefore, good SEO writing also keeps presentation in mind. Instead of displaying large blocks of text, make your content more easily digestible with: 

  • Clear, concise headlines and subheads
  • Bullet points or numeric lists
  • Short paragraphs
  • Relevant images or videos related to your content

Use Keywords Sparingly and Naturally

If you have to create awkward sentences just to fit keywords in, it’s best to eliminate those words altogether. Instead, get into the habit of using your keywords more naturally and in a way that sprinkles them throughout your content.

Be More Conversational

Voice search is an increasingly common way for people to search for what they want via their various devices, which means your SEO writing should be more conversational in nature and based on the questions your target audience is asking. Tools like Answer the Public can help you get this kind of info.

One other way you can boost your odds of presenting content your audience really appreciates is to use A/B testing. You simply present two different versions of the same content to see which one performs best. Lastly, remember content that’s performing well still needs to be kept fresh and supplemented with a steady stream of new, equally relevant content.

Content that keeps users on your page and ranks high in search results can be easier to write if you follow these simple tips. For more advice on creating great content that boosts your rank, reach out to the digital marketing experts at Saba SEO. We have more than ten years of experience helping businesses with marketing strategy, web design, and SEO. San Diego business owners rely on Saba SEO for unparalleled service delivered with integrity. To get started optimizing your content, give us a call today at 858-277-1717.