SEO Is Always Changing…or Is It?

Is Seo Always Changing? in San Diego, CA

SEO certainly isn’t new. It predates social media and even Google. Many businesses find search engine optimization difficult because of the constant insistence that SEO is always changing. While the tactics and technology behind search optimization do change and evolve, the fundamentals of SEO remain static. Experts at a reputed San Diego optimization firm attempt to answer whether or not SEO is always changing.

The Rules on Keywords Remain the Same

Keywords will always be a part of SEO because these are the words people use to find what they’re looking for online. These words also tell search engine crawlers what your various pages are about so your content can be directed toward the right searchers. Specifically, Google pays attention to keywords that:

  • Answer common questions asked by searchers
  • Are terms real people within your target audience use (as opposed to forced word combinations that come across as awkward)
  • Are reflective of user intent

Backlinks Are Still Important

Links placed on other sites that go back to your website are called backlinks. Google considers these links important when they come from credible sites because they suggest your content is useful and relevant. However, backlinks coming from questionable sites reflect poorly on your brand.

The Function of Bots Hasn’t Changed

Sometimes referred to as “bots,” search engine crawlers need to do two basic things to rank your content. First, they need to be able to access any pages you want to rank. Second, they need to be able to read those pages to determine what they’re about. There are several features on your website that are examined by search engine crawlers, but the basic role of bots hasn’t changed.

Website and Content Quality Will Always Matter

What searchers think about your business matters, which is why reviews play an important role in SEO. The quality of your website is equally important since this is where most of your online traffic goes, either directly or indirectly from links that lead to your site.

The need to produce high-quality content is another SEO constant. According to Google’s search quality rating guidelines, high-quality content must show:

  • Expertise – Does your content provide answers for searchers?
  • Authority – Do others consider your content a reliable source of info?
  • Trust – Is your business/brand reputable? (e.g. too many ads on a single web page can negatively impact trust)

As long as you keep the basics of SEO in mind, it should be easier to keep up with the changeable elements of search engine optimization as technology advances and search habits evolve. One search trend that’s not likely to change anytime soon is the need to keep the focus on producing relevant content designed with real people in mind, not search engines.

The fundamentals of SEO remain the same, but the rules of search engine optimization change from time to time. If you’re looking for reliable and up-to-date SEO experts, turn to Saba SEO. We are one of the leading internet marketing service providers San Diego businesses and companies all over the world rely on. From searching for keywords to providing high-quality content and designing mobile-friendly websites, we offer a wide variety of services to boost your online ranking and increase conversions. To learn about our comprehensive and budget-friendly SEO services, give us a call at 858-951-1717 today.