5 Common Misconceptions About SEO

SEO Myths in San Diego, CA

Having your website included in a search engine’s top results greatly increases your site’s earning potential, and with such high stakes, people are willing to try anything to get there. Unfortunately, these common search engine optimization myths still exist, causing people to waste time on outdated techniques.

1. Keywords Are More Important Than Content

Keywords, especially keyword phrases, are still important, however, search engines show pages based on how much a website’s content relates to the person’s search query. If the content is useful to website visitors, keywords will naturally appear in the text.

2. Optimizing for Google Is All That Is Important

Google does get the largest share of search queries, nevertheless, Bing is also important because it powers searches on Facebook. Optimizing promotional videos for YouTube searches is also key to getting more traffic to your website because YouTube is the second most popular site for searches.

3. My Website Need Tons of Backlinks to Rank Well

A few backlinks from reputable websites are better than hundreds of backlinks from directory listings, blog comments, and forum posts. You can still place a link to your website in forums and blog comments if you believe that you will get traffic because your link is relevant and useful, but search engines won’t give that backlink much, if any, weight.

4. Search Engines Love Videos

People like consuming video content and images on websites. But search engines do not see them as indexable content. Providing a transcript of the video and alt text for images easily solves this problem.

5. It’s Okay to Ignore Mobile Searches

Make sure your website is responsive. Ignoring usability for people using tablets and smartphones will limit your website’s visibility in mobile searches and hurt your rank on SERPs.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t dead. However, it has changed a great deal from the days of keyword stuffing and an endless quest for backlinks. Staying up to date on what’s happening in the world of online marketing in San Diego will keep your business and your content ahead of the pack.