SEO Practices That Don’t Bring Visitors

Avoid Using these Outdated SEO Tactics

SEO should bring visitors to your website, but some common strategies don’t bring visitors at all. Instead of spending time on these tactics, spend time on practices that actually work. Here are a handful of search engine optimization practices to avoid.

Keyword Spamming

Repeating keywords too many times on a web page can keep your page buried in search engine results. This practice might have mattered in the past, when search engines were in their early stages of evolution, now search engines look for quality content and will downgrade web pages that appear to have unnatural keyword repetitions.

Link Building

Search engines used to count the number of inbound links to a page to determine page value. Now, search engines evaluate the quality and relevance of incoming links to a page when determining page rank. San Diego internet marketing companies recommend concentrating on building high-quality links that add value for visitors. By doing so, you will also make your page more valuable to search engines.

Website Submission

Spending a lot of time manually submitting web page URLs to the major search engines does not bring visitors. Popular search engines have virtual spiders that crawl the web, indexing every nook and cranny, so they will find your web pages almost as fast as you could manually submit them.

Page Creation

Website owners often create myriad pages, hoping search engines will be impressed with a large number of pages with recurring themes and keywords. In the modern SEO world, quality matters more than quantity, so take your time and create high-quality content that people want to read.

Keyword Meta Tag Usage

These tags might have worked for SEO in the past, but since abuse of the keyword meta tag rose, Google now overlooks it. That’s not to say Google ignores all meta tags, so spend your time on the others, like the description meta tag. 

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