SEO Tactics You Should Never Use

SEO Tactics to Avoid in San Diego, CA

You may know better than to try and fool Google with deceptive practices like keyword stuffing. However, there are some other mistakes you may be making with your search engine optimization efforts. To point you in the right direction, the experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading San Diego SEO company, offer this advice on SEO tactics to never use again—at least if you want to attract the right kind of attention from the search engine responsible for more than half of all Internet traffic

Targeting the Same Keyword

At one time, it was common to use the same main/target keyword for multiple pieces of content. However, Google is more interested in relevance these days, so mix up your keywords based on the actual content of each page. This tactic also eliminates the risk of unintentionally creating content that’s too similar because it’s focused on the same keyword. Consider using synonyms related to your target keyword.

Presenting Short, Non-Specific Content

At one time, it was good to be short and sweet with content. Today, Google pays more attention to longer forms of content because this is what inspires more interaction online. Studies suggest the content “sweet spot” is between 1,900 and 3,000 words in length.

Posting Content Erratically

Google looks for patterns, so you’ll be better off having a set posting schedule for things like your blog. You can do the same thing with your social media content. Just remember to be mindful of your content’s quality and relevance.

Overlooking Customer Reviews

Roughly 70 percent of consumers consider online reviews when making a decision. If you’re not paying attention to reviews at all, you’re missing out on an opportunity to convince searchers to choose your business over a competitor. Google also looks at reviews, especially for local rankings. Instead, be proactive about reviews by:

  • Seeking customer feedbacl
  • Responding to your online feedback, even if it’s negative
  • Optimizing your profiles on review sites for added SEO power

    Also, avoid the temptation to post fake reviews. Google is very good about spotting deceptive tactics like this. On a related note, avoid the temptation to buy links. You’ll be better off naturally earning links back to your content by reaching out to online influencers or having a good off-page SEO strategy. Lastly, with your content, focus more on quality, not quantity, and use tools like Copyscape on a regular basis to avoid duplicate content issues.

Using outdated or counterproductive SEO tactics can cost you customers and revenue. Businesses that need expert advice on the most effective SEO tactics and how to maximize their marketing strategies should call on the experienced professionals at Saba SEO, a premier provider of San Diego SEO services and digital marketing expertise. If you need help taking your online marketing to the next level, we can help. With almost fifteen years of experience working with companies of all sizes, we help businesses boost their rank and generate high-quality leads. Give one of our SEO specialists a call today at 858-277-1717.