A Brief Look at the Future of SEO in 2017

A Quick Look at the Future of SEO in 2017

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a constantly evolving concept that accounts for how people search for information on a number of devices such as desktop computers and mobile phones. The field is largely dictated by guidelines established by leading search engines like Google. Experts at a renowned SEO company in San Diego suggest the future of SEO in 2017 is about improving the user experience.

Mobile-First Optimization

Google implemented a “mobile-first” strategy to page ranking in early 2017. This move was fueled by the growing dominance of mobile devices, which three-fourths of internet users in the world use to search for what they need. For SEO purposes, this means the future includes:

  • The need to make websites as mobile-friendly as possible
  • An emphasis on optimizing content for local, on-the-go searchers
  • Text-based campaigns specific to consumer needs and preferences

Rich Answers and Snippets

Because searchers often turn to Google for answers, online content needs to provide some basic information along with the links to various websites offering in-depth information. Referred to as structured data markup, these short blurbs help search engines (and searchers) understand what content is available on specific webpages. Users appreciate these rich answers and snippets, so it’s going to be a bigger trend in the future.

Cross-Channel Marketing

Searchers today like to discover a brand’s website and go through social media pages to review customer feedback before making a purchase. Because of these cross-channel browsing habits, the future of SEO involves promotion of content across different sources of online interaction by:

  • Delivering a consistent message across channels
  • Determining the best times to deliver content on various channels
  • Using data to figure out which channels to focus on

Search engine optimization in 2017 may also include the further development of voice search so people can find what they’re looking for without the need to type, click, and tap. By partnering up with Saba SEO, you can optimize your pages for search engines, benefit from high-quality content, boost your search engine ranking, and stay ahead of your competitors. To create a customized SEO plan for your business, get in touch with our experts at 858-951-1717.