SEO Strategies for Large eCommerce Websites

SEO Tips for Large eCommerce Websites in San Diego, CA

Online store owners are often concerned about their search engine ranking, and search engine optimization for eCommerce sites tends to be more complex and involved. Even so, the basics of SEO still apply, and they should be part of your digital marketing strategy. Experts at Saba SEO, one of the leading marketing companies in San Diego, share a few SEO tips for eCommerce website owners.

Secure Your Site

If security isn’t a top priority for your eCommerce website, expect Google to notice. Your customers will also notice when they see a warning that your site isn’t secure. The solution is to get an SSL certificate so your site can go from HTTP to HTTPS (hypertext transfer protocol secure). Having a secure website will also make your customers feel more comfortable giving personal info like credit card numbers.

Optimize Category and Product Pages

Your category and products pages are supposed to highlight what you have to offer. However, these critical eCommerce pages need to be properly optimized to get the right kind of attention. You can ensure optimization by:

  • Creating unique meta descriptions for category and product pages
  • Naturally sprinkling your top performing keywords into the content on these pages
  • Including these pages as part of your link-building strategy
  • Avoiding the temptation to copy and paste product descriptions from manufacturers’ sites (unless you want to handle duplicate content issues)
  • Including social media mentions and reviews to make these pages more interactive and visible

Minimize URLs for Product Variants

It’s not unusual for eCommerce sites to have products in many different sizes and colors, and there’s nothing wrong with showing these variations. However, there is the potential for duplicate content issues. The solution is to leave the URL the same when possible so you don’t have URLs for the same product competing for search engine visibility. The only exception is with products where you purposely want to single out certain colors or styles that are more popular with customers.

Don’t Automatically Remove Out of Stock Items

Out of stock products are usually the most popular ones on a site, so don’t cut off a major source of search engine traffic by removing these items. Instead, let searchers know when a new supply will be available. Use redirects for products that have newer or updated versions available. If you’re not sure when more items will be available, include links to pages with similar products.

Further optimize your eCommerce site with internal links to product and category pages from your homepage and the use of high-quality, original images (to help with visual search results). Also, consider the intent of searchers when choosing your keywords and check your Google Search Console data to see how many indexed pages are produced by your filtering system. Finally, monitor the performance of your site right down to traffic patterns, page views, and conversion rates for various landing, product, and category pages. This way you’ll know when it’s time to make some adjustments to your SEO strategy.

If you need help with any aspect of search engine optimization, turn to Saba SEO. We are a reputed SEO company in San Diego with several years of experience in internet marketing. Over the past decade, our experts have created customized and quality-assured SEO strategies for a wide variety of businesses all over the globe. We utilize several white hat tactics to help our clients increase their online visibility across multiple search engines. To learn about our high-quality services, call one of our SEO experts at 858-951-1717.