Resolve for Better SEO in 2016

Benefits of SEO for Business

2015 was full of SEO updates and algorithm changes, so the world of online marketing has certainly changed in a year. Because of this, 2016 offers excellent opportunities for business owners to optimize their websites and expand their readerships.

1. Write Specific Content

After Google’s various quality updates, generic content simply won’t produce the SEO results that they’re looking for. To achieve high global and local SEO ranking, content must be unique and appealing to consumers. Google determines this factor of appeal by calculating data from inbound links, visits, and other areas. To make this data more favorable, create highly specific content that explores topics that are not widely discussed. Providing industry insights, commentary, entertainment, and helpful tips are excellent ways to increase a website’s Google rank.

2. Target a Geographical Location

During 2016, the number of mobile devices users will continue to increase. Since many consumers search for products and stores when they are away from home, companies can benefit from writing articles that target their city or region. To optimize articles for local SEO, writers should include a geographic location and a keyword in the titles of articles. The location and keyword can also be placed into the body of text, but take special care to prevent keyword stuffing.

3. Use Proper Heading Tags

After all of the most recent updates, HTML heading tags are still important for SEO efforts. Make sure all articles use the H1 tag. When relevant, the H2 and H3 tags should also be used. Google rewards properly formatted websites with rank promotions.

4. Eliminate Duplicated or Poor Content

For SEO purposes, quantity is not better than quality. When the much-anticipated Penguin 4.0 update occurs, Google will certainly penalize all websites that host duplicated or poor content. Audit articles on the company website to ensure that they’re SEO-friendly and engaging to readers. In addition to SEO benefits, deleting unoriginal content will increase website credibility.

5. Engage Readers and the Media

The black hat SEO practices of buying inbound links or otherwise manipulating search engines will no longer work. Utilize all available resources to attract readers and earn genuine links. One of the most effective ways to build credible links is to send press releases to media companies and engage social media followers. By sharing articles and answering questions in the public realms of Facebook and Twitter, you can build your brand and earn real links from real consumers.

2016 will be a year full of changes. By using trusted methods and keeping up with changes, you can improve your SEO efforts and earn massive profits. With three weeks of the New Year already gone by, there’s no time like the present to make sure you’re ready for the rest of 2016. Give Saba SEO a call at (858) 277-1717 and find the help you need to get your website in tiptop shape.