10 SEO Topics & Keywords for the Real Estate Business

Real Estate Keywords in San Diego, CA

Whether crafting new content for your website or blog or gearing up for a new PPC campaign, having the right topics and keywords is essential. This is especially true in the fast-paced and highly competitive real estate industry. The staff at Saba SEO, a leading San Diego SEO firm, has put together a list of 10 topics and keywords that can help you garner more attention from your market while fostering greater levels of engagement.

1. Real Estate Rent

“Real estate rent” gets thousands of searches every month, and yet there is very low competition for it. This means you can affect a high-interest PPC campaign while paying a very small amount of money for every click you get. When using this key phrase as part of your site’s content or for the benefit of your SEO campaign, make sure it’s relevant to the topic you’re discussing so the traffic you lure in isn’t disappointed and your bounce rate stays low.

2. Best Real Estate Agent Near…

One of the most effective strategies for getting excellent returns from your SEO or PPC campaigns is to make your keywords hyper-local. Instead of merely adding in the city and state for location, think about referencing a major landmark. People always want to know how to find the top agents in their area.

3. How to Find a Real Estate Agent

This is a fairly obvious topic, but the addition of Google’s AI RankBrain has made it increasingly effective. You can craft content around finding a reputable agent, an experienced agent, or one who deals with low-credit buyers. Going for long-tail keywords allows you to target consumers who have a clear understanding of what they want and are committed to seeing their transactions through.

4. What Is Real Estate?

You might be surprised to learn there are still people who are actually asking this question, but this key phrase gets several thousand searches worldwide each month. Best of all, other site owners are equally surprised, which means this term has low-interest from marketers and reasonable PPC rates.

5. Local Real Estate Prices

This phrase has generated a medium amount of interest from marketers, and a high amount of interest from the public. This means you can use it for your PPC campaigns at an affordable cost while connecting with people who are likely still in the formative stages of the purchasing process.

6. Pros/Cons of a Short Sale

More consumers are becoming interested in the profit potential of properties that are being quickly offloaded by debt-addled homeowners. Keywords relating to the benefits and drawbacks of short sales are not just of interest to sellers, they are also garnering the attention of prospective investors. You may be able to divert this attention to your own business.

7. Tips to Get the Best Offer

When managing a PPC campaign, using keywords related to getting the best offer will likely result in reasonable per-click prices because they tend to generate only a moderate amount of interest among PPC marketers. If using this keyword for content and SEO, you’ll be able to capitalize on a high amount of interest from consumers and the potential to build trust and establish yourself as an industry authority.

8. Sell a Home Fast

There are many people attempting to offload their homes right away. However, keep in mind you’ll have to share the PPC market for this one with short sale companies targeting people who are largely interested in information pertaining to these transactions.

9. Real Estate MLS

This term has very limited competition, and yet it gets over 20,000 queries worldwide each month. Find a way to insert it into your content or use it as part of a PPC campaign, and you’ll likely see a noticeable increase in site traffic.

10. House Staging Tips

Just like there are more people looking to turn their properties over fast, there are also more consumers who want an active hand in the marketing process. This key phrase generates a high level of interest while maintaining a medium-to-low level of competition among PPC marketers.

Real estate agents aren’t the only people who need to rank high in local and organic SEO. San Diego marketing experts believe all businesses should focus on the highest quality topics and keywords to boost their rankings. At Saba SEO, we can develop a strategy to help your company grow. Give us a call at 858-951-1717 to learn how.