5 SEO Trends You Don’t Need to Obsess About

SEO Trends You Shouldn't Obsess About in San Diego, CA

When there’s a lot of buzz about certain SEO trends, there’s a tendency to feel like you need to get on board. However, not all search engine optimization trends need to be given your full attention, even though they may still be worthy of your consideration. Other times, there are smarter ways to embrace certain trends you may not have considered. Here are five specific things related to SEO you really shouldn’t obsess over as you plan and manage your optimization efforts, brought to you by Saba SEO, a premier provider of SEO services San Diego businesses rely on for unmatched expertise and high-quality service.

1. Voice Search

Optimizing for voice essentially means answering questions people are likely to verbally ask to find something online related to your business. “Voice search” has been all the rage for the past few years, even though its use is down in 2019. If you’re considering embracing voice search, do some research to determine if there are practical ways it could boost your desired online marketing results.

2. Duplicated Local Landing Pages

Some businesses use duplicated local landing pages to rank well for different locations. The problem is that such pages don’t really do all that much for the user experience. Also, you run the risk of duplicate content errors, since there are only so many ways to rewrite the same content over and over. If you really do need to use duplicated landing pages, improve the user experience by including:

  • First-person testimonials
  • References to local business districts for added local SEO appeal
  • Unique references specific to problems common in each target area
  • Optimized metadata for images on these pages

    Bonus tips: Set up a Google My Business page for a service area business. Also, consider a metro page instead of city-specific pages.

3. Multiple Local Citations

There are case studies that show having your business listed in multiple directories has real SEO-related value. However, you don’t want to overlook quality in the process. Instead, focus on top-tier citations before moving on to industry-specific listings.

4. Keyword Rank Tracking

There are numerous tools you can use to track how your keywords are performing. The potential problem here is that you may not be getting the most accurate impression of how well your keywords are performing, especially if you’re tracking a large volume of keywords at once. Instead, narrow your focus to fewer keywords—meaning somewhere around 25–30 at a time instead of hundreds. With fewer keywords, you can use your keyword tracking tools along with your own manual search efforts to see if your keywords are really performing as expected.

5. Guest Posting

Posting on relevant sites can be a good way to expose your brand to a wider audience. However, guest post networking is less effective. Because such networks usually share the same IP address, search engines may flag your posts as spam. Instead, put together your own guest post outreach strategy, which also gives you the opportunity to target publications more specific to your industry or niche.

You’ll be better off with your SEO efforts if you pay less attention to trends and more attention to what matters most to your target audience. If you still have some doubts about what to consider with SEO, tap into your data to see what’s working and where some newer techniques and technologies may be appropriate.

New SEO trends seem to be popping up every day, so it’s difficult for businesses to know what’s important to pay attention to. If you need help analyzing the value of the latest SEO trends and prioritizing your SEO tactics, reach out to the experts at Saba SEO, an industry-leading SEO company in San Diego. For almost fifteen years, we’ve been helping businesses craft effective SEO strategies that maximize rank and optimize revenue. Give one of our SEO specialists a call today at 858-277-1717.