5 SEO Trends to Watch for in 2017

SEO Trends to Keep an Eye in 2017 in San Diego, CA

Part of being a trusted San Diego SEO company is being able to predict changes in the SEO industry and apply them to meet each individual client’s needs. With each new year comes new developments in SEO, and these are 5 of the major trends you should expect to see in the coming year.

1. Local SEO

Local SEO got a big boost from Google in 2016, but look for it to make even greater strides in the coming year. Making sure you have the correct business name, phone, and address listed for your company on your website as well as any social media pages your business has will score you points from the search giant. Without these items, you will not stand a chance ranking in the local search results that are now shown about organic results.

2. Optimizing for Mobile

The importance of mobile SEO optimization also grew in 2016 because some people were worried about a “mobilegeddon” occurring if websites were not yet mobile friendly. Though there was no real cause for concern, the update did drive home the importance to make a website mobile friendly. More and more consumers are accessing information from their cell phones and tablets. If the mobile user experience leaves customers wanting, they will simply go to a competitor who better understands their needs.

3. The Rise of Videos

Statistics from multiple studies show having videos on a website can increase a business’s rank in the search engine results pages. If this fact is not enough of a reason to start incorporating videos in 2017, Google is now looking at blended searches, and organic pages with videos are ranking better than those in plain text.

4. Voice Search

More people are using voice search, especially while driving. Not only is voice search becoming one of the most used features on mobile phones, it also means physically writing out keywords is no longer necessary.

5. Social Media

Social media already plays a role in SEO, but in 2017 you can expect to see content on the big platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter carry more weight in the SERPs. If your business doesn’t use social media as part of its SEO strategy already, it’s time to start.

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