Automated Bidding, to Use It or Not to Use It

AdWords Bidding Strategies

If you’re involved with the search engine marketing industry, you’ll probably need to decide whether or not you want to use automated pay-per-click bidding methods. Automated bidding allows you to use a tool like Google’s Conversion Optimizer to determine the amount of money you should use for advertisement campaigns. Check out the pros and cons of automated bidding to see if this methodology is right for your goals.



Unlike many manual bidding tools, automated bidding tools like Conversion Optimizer and Marin allow you to divide your advertising campaign into categories based on ad groups. You can use this information to judge the progress of certain marketing efforts.


While it may seem redundant, the automated bidding method’s largest advantage is the fact that it is automatic. This allows you to receive information about your advertising campaigns even when you do not have access to a computer. This makes the automated bidding method excellent for individuals who are busy or travel frequently.

Large Volume of Keywords

If you’re managing very large advertising campaigns, you’re likely dealing with thousands of different keywords and ad groups. Managing this large volume of information can seem like an impossible task for even the most competent individuals. An automated bidding system will use its algorithms to condense this massive amount of information into summaries that you can use to make decisions.



Automated bidding tools do not always present you information in real-time. If you’re a pay-per-click manager who needs search engine marketing data available at all hours of the day, a manual bidding method may be a better option.

Not Ideal for Small Websites

The automated bidding method requires a large amount of keyword data and statistics to function properly. Many bidding tools will use this data to offer you strategies and suggestions. If your site does not have a large amount of traffic and keywords, the automated bidding may not be able to operate effectively.

The automated pay-per-click bidding method is a useful tool, but it certainly has a few minor drawbacks.

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