Is Facebook Marketing Still Worth Your Time?

Facebook Marketing- Is it Worth it?

Facebook has long been the dominant social media platform, becoming a staple of our everyday lives and our preferred method of staying in touch with friends, family members and like-minded individuals. However, does all of this necessarily mean that Facebook is still a viable marketing platform?

Answering this aforementioned question ultimately depends upon your business, your market, and the types of customers you sell to. For instance, in a business-to-consumer (B2C) market, where consumers often make decisions based upon brand recognition, Facebook is actually becoming a more important internet marketing influence. Here is a small list of reasons why.

Facebook Is Self-Reliant

While Google’s share of the search engine market has yet to be challenged, that doesn’t necessarily mean there aren’t any threats. Facebook itself is testing its own search engine and it will soon have the capability to provide around-the-clock content to over one billion subscribers. This makes it an ideal solution for marketers looking to instantly connect with consumers.

Facebook Has Its Own Publishing Platform

Facebook recently launched its direct-to-Facebook publishing platform called “Instant Articles”. This venture into online publishing means users will spend more time getting their favorite news and stories directly on Facebook.

Advertising Has Improved

At one time, the click through rates (CTR) on Facebook digital advertisements were less than impressive. However, those CTR percentages have steadily improved and they now rival any pay-per-click option available to online marketers.

In the end, Facebook is still a viable means of reaching a company’s target audience. However, it really does depend upon the type of customers your company is pursuing. If you operate in a consumer market, then Facebook is a valid option. However, if you operate in a business-to-business (B2B) market, then professional social sites like LinkedIn are more ideal for your customer base.

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