The Negative Impact of Slow Website Speeds

Slow Website Speed Impact in San Diego, CA

Site speed affects the user experience and can directly affect your business. According to internet marketing companies in San Diego, slow websites drive away about fourteen percent of frustrated shoppers who move on to buy from a competing site. More than half of the visitors to your site will not return if they have to wait too long for pages to load. Customer dissatisfaction only begins to tell the story of how website speed can hurt.

Unhappy Customers and No Repeat Sales

Almost half of all internet users expect to wait less than two seconds for a website to load. When your site takes three seconds to load, you can expect the poor user experience to have caused forty-percent of your audience to leave. Even when customers reach your site, they will not stay loyal to your brand if they have to wait too long while pages load. A slow site will cause you to fail to achieve repeat sales.

Low SERP Rank

Google algorithms consider page speed when deciding how it will rank your site in search engine results. The search giant knows what some of the biggest names on the web know: Slow website speeds cause user dissatisfaction and lost sales. Even if your company operates a website with valuable content and great deals, your site can still go unnoticed by search engine users. Slow website speeds cost you severely when trying to drive organic search engine traffic.

Why Your Website Is Slow

More than one problem can contribute to website speed issues. For example, your site could have bloated images or poorly implemented code that puts an undue strain on web browsers. Also, failure to implement HTTP compressing and caching can also put a damper on the way users experience your site. Web sites can also respond poorly if your pages require too many concurrent downloads from your server. Finally, a poor website hosting provider can also make your business website insufferably slow. Bargain hosting packages can sometimes cost you much more in lost sales than you could ever save.

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