3 Ways to Use Smartphone Marketing for an In-Store Advantage

Use Smartphone in Your Store in San Diego, CA

The proliferation of smartphones has created new challenges for retailers. Customers want to know that they’re getting a good deal on products and will not hesitate to Google items as they stand in front of the store model. Moreover, their ability to read reviews and detailed information can make them, at times, even more knowledgeable than any salesman working the floor.

Despite these and other challenges, online marketers working today can use smartphones to their advantage. Here are 3 creative ideas that are beginning to take hold worldwide from San Diego search engine optimization company, Saba, Inc.

1. In-Store Alerts

The ability to utilize GPS marketing–say a text message coupon when a customer passes the store–is still limited, but remains an evolving marketing field for the future. For now, storeowners should consider creating an app and advertising it in-store. Deals are the number one reason shoppers use store apps. Once they install said app, the owner has untold potential for future marketing opportunities.

2. Loyalty Programs

Store apps can be further utilized for loyalty programs. Offering small discounts or free item promotions on a regular basis for loyal customers will encourage users to keep the app rather than deleting it as soon as they leave the store. Like loyalty programs that rely on cards, app loyalty programs can track user data and purchasing habits. The app’s utility can be extended further through the use of advanced metrics for tracking.

3. Encourage Googling

Many storeowners wring their hands when not-quite-convinced customers Google the product before buying. Instead of fighting this, it’s time to embrace in-store Googling. Let the customer find the product online, but make sure the online description notes the benefits of the in-store purchase (warranty, price-matching, returns, etc.).

Smartphones can be a huge boon to sales if the retailer knows the strengths. Instead of focusing on the negatives, storeowners can rest easier knowing they’ve fully implemented all the positives.

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