Essential Elements for a Social Media Content Plan

How to Build a Successful Social Media Plan in San Diego, CA

If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing, you’re going to need an effective social media content plan. According to local San Diego internet marketing experts, such a plan should consist of your basic goals and expectations along with ways to actually achieve and track those goals.

1. Create Social Objectives

Haphazardly venturing into social media isn’t going to do your brand any favors. Before you start distributing content socially, take a moment to:

  • Establish short-term objectives
  • Outline long-term goals
  • Determine your expected ROI

2. Evaluate Your Current Social Engagements

There’s no point in forming a new social media content plan if you don’t know where you stand with your existing social content. Start by determining the answers to the following questions:

  • Who’s already visiting your social sites?
  • What are your competitors doing socially?
  • How much of your website traffic is coming from your social platforms?

3. Improve Existing Accounts

After you know where you stand socially, spruce up your existing accounts. Some of the steps you may need to take include:

  • Removing outdated content and comments
  • Adding relevant visuals
  • Confirming links to related sites you include are still active and relevant

4. Create New Social Accounts

There may be some social platforms you’ve shied away from previously. Take a moment to check out what other platforms have to offer to determine if there are some accounts that might help you better connect with your intended audience.

5. Establish Content Guidelines

If multiple individuals will be posting to your social accounts, establish guidelines about what’s appropriate to post and what’s not. Set a schedule for posting new content and establish a policy for responding to comments, even those that aren’t positive.

6. Test, Evaluate, and Adjust

No social media plan should be cast in stone. Things change quickly with social media, so be prepared to adapt and make changes based on the results you’re seeing and the trends you’re observing.

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