5 Tools for Measuring Your Social Media ROI

Social Media ROI in San Diego, CA

Social media is here to stay. As long as people are using it, it will remain a valuable tool for online marketers and digital marketing agencies. If you decide to incorporate social media marketing into your overall marketing strategy, use the following tools to measure your ROI and ensure the effort you’re putting in is worth the return.

1. Customer Lifetime Value Calculator

Tracking where you get new leads from and what ads convert is great, but you’ll also want to know what the value is of each of your customers. This calculating tool will give you insight as to whether or not to kill a campaign or ramp it up in relation to how much money your customers are spending. You’ll know exactly what your customers are worth in the short-term and months later.

2. Cyfe

Cyfe is a reporting tool that offers an abundance of information regarding how your content is shared. You can use customized dashboards to provide info on your Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, and Google Analytics campaigns. Cyfe also provides widgets for email tracking, advertising, blogging, and other areas that you need to have tracked and accounted for in detail.

3. RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI

If you’re looking for a more detailed view of your customer lifetime value (CLV), RJ Metrics’ gives you an in-depth analysis of your customer value. This tool can break down where your customers are coming from and how much they’re worth from that particular platform. RJ Metrics also provides behavioral analysis and ROI from customer acquisition.

4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is a tool that will provide data pertaining to individuals and groups during the duration of their visit to your site. Kissmetrics will track your visitors each time they return to your site, and it’ll give you great insight into the behavior of your visitors. A defining feature of this tool is that it provides information on when people come and go from your store or website.

5. Google Analytics

Even though every social media platform provides some tracking features, it’s still a good idea to use Google Analytics when you’re testing and running campaigns. By setting up the social media section of Google Analytics, you can track the whole buying process of your visitors. Afterwards, you can nail down which pages and campaigns are triggering the best results through your social media channels.

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