How Social Media Profiles Can Actually Boost Website SEO

Business Social Networks for SEO in San Diego, CA

As businesses develop more dynamic online presences and double down on their social media marketing campaign, it’s worth asking how your website’s SEO is going to be impacted.

To answer this question, it is necessary to first establish that, yes, social media is connected to SEO, and most likely in more meaningful ways than you might think. After all, search engines are designed to follow the behaviors and trends of internet users so it wouldn’t make sense for social’s popularity to remain isolated from query rankings.

Well, one important way that social media impacts SEO is by driving traffic with popular content. When heavy traffic is created, there’s an opportunity to increase indirect links. While social profiles don’t lend much link value, other website managers reference these platforms and often generate editorial links to sites, which boosts search engine rankings. The benefit of valuable content posted to social sites doesn’t stop there. Generating a large amount of relevant content via a social profile influences rankings. This is evidenced by how often social profiles are at the top of query results when brand names are searched.

What’s more, businesses should already be considering how prevalent searches on social platforms have become. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube are all great examples of platforms that are regularly used to search for information, products, and answers. As a result, website managers need to expand their concept of SEO to include social searches. As social becomes more omnipresent, it is also worth following how SEO algorithms are adapted to incorporate social profile reputation for rankings.

While social’s value may not necessarily be fully reflected by current search engine evaluations, it seems increasingly likely that as social profiles and platforms continue to gain legitimacy, search rankings will evolve to properly account for their popularity and relevance.

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