10 Critical Social Media Stats to Watch in 2020

Social Media Statistics You Need to Know in 2020 in San Diego, CA

Social media has undoubtedly changed the way most people receive information and interact with others. Since the early 2000s, social media has been growing exponentially in popularity. Each year, we see new social networks pop up as well as new trends with existing platforms. Take a few tips from the experts at Saba SEO, one of the premier marketing companies in San Diego. Here, we offer ten social media trends to be aware of this year.

1. Most Popular Site

Facebook is the market leader in social media. About two-thirds of adults in the U.S. report they use Facebook, and the platform has more than 2.3 billion active users.

2. Number of Social Media Users

There are currently about 3.5 billion social media users across the world, which is almost half the global population. Mobile devices have allowed more people to access social media daily, so the number of users will likely continue to increase throughout 2020.

3. Time Spent on Social Media

On average, people spend three hours per day on social networking and messaging. This number has increased over the years because of the popularity of mobile devices, which allow users to have constant access to social media. 

4. Use by Generation

About 90 percent of millennials, 77 percent of Generation X, and 48 percent of baby boomers use social media regularly.

5. Instagram Stories

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms. The number of daily Instagram Stories users reached about 500 million in 2019 and will probably continue to rise in 2020.

6. Mobile & Desktop Devices

More than 90 percent of social media users access their accounts through mobile platforms, and about 80 percent of total time spent on social networking occurs on mobile devices.

7. Social Media Marketing

About 73 percent of marketers rated their social media advertising campaigns as “somewhat effective” or “very effective.”

8. Customers on Social Media

Around 54 percent of social media users use social networking sites to research products before making purchases.

9. Customer Experience

Online interactions between a brand and its customers can have a big impact on the company’s image. More than 70 percent of consumers who had a positive experience with a company through social media are likely to recommend the brand to family and friends.

10. Influencers

Just under half of all consumers report they rely on influencer recommendations on social media. If consumers see or hear a recommendation from an influencer they trust, they’re much more likely to purchase a product.

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