Important Social Media Updates (and Why They Matter to Businesses)

Social Media Updates in San Diego, CA

Constant updates keep social media users on their toes. That also means it’s essential for social media marketers to stay up to date as well. Here are a few updates changing the game.

1. Instagram

Instagram cribbed Snapchat’s signature feature: a chronological “story” of photos and videos that users can update throughout the day. Stories will play at the top of users’ Instagram feeds, and disappear after 24 hours. Although Snapchat started the craze for vanishing content, Instagram boasts an easier interface and a better-established community of users. These stories have a look-at-me urgency that feels more engaging and inclusive than a perfectly curated Instagram feed. Combine the use of stories with IG’s new tools for businesses, including the ability to insert a CTA in your profile and business insights, to amp up your social media presence on this platform.

2. Twitter

The latest Twitter update ensures that media attachments like photos, videos, and polls will not count towards the 140-character tweet limit. Users’ @names will also not be counted as characters. Businesses can improve customer service on Twitter, tweeting longer replies to customers and cutting down on confusing multi-part tweets. They can also tweet more visual content without sacrificing captions or descriptions.

3. Facebook

Facebook users now have the option to turn off online interest-based advertising. Advertisers will have to get creative to earn a spot on people’s Facebook feeds, and small businesses will need to find new ways to pinpoint their audiences on Facebook. More businesses will likely make use of location data to profile users. Many will direct their efforts toward the Facebook users who do not opt out, treating them to fine-tuned ads that feel “native” to their feeds (aka native advertising).

Facebook has also introduced 360-degree images that users can explore by moving a finger (or a mouse) around the image. With these images, advertisers can create an experience for users that goes beyond a normal photo.

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