3 Effective Strategies for Addressing Conflicts or Setbacks with Clients

Addressing Conflicts with Clients

It’s impossible to run a business and avoid setbacks with clients and customers. However, running into a problem with a customer doesn’t have to mean the end of a relationship. As a small business ourselves, we’ve found that there are tried-and-true tactics for ironing out issues and coming out of the situation with an even stronger relationship moving forward.

  1. Ask yourself what you would want if you were in the customer’s position

    If the customer is unhappy or has an issue with your product or service, put yourself in their shoes. Why are they concerned? Is this something that resulted from something you did? Is it the result of poor communication? Listening is key. Then, identify their main concerns and don’t be afraid to ask them to elaborate on why they feel a certain way. Being able to see the situation from your customers point of view can help you better understand their concerns, thus you will be in a better position to address them.

  2. Stay calm and level headed when speaking

    When a client is angry and frustrated with you, it’s natural and almost instinctual to feel angry and frustrated back. However, if you remain calm and explain the situation without getting upset, one of two things will likely happen: the client will be calmed by your patience and you’ll be able to work out a solution, or client may still not see your point of view, but you’ll have made a great foundation for additional honest and open discussions.

  3. Demonstrate the value of your work

    Companies that are ethical and strive to go above and beyond what is asked of them are better able to settle issues because their work is able to speak for itself. Show the numerical value of your services, such as increased leads or profit, or the benefits of your product to the client’s company, such as increased productivity. In situations where customers are asking for a discount, explain how you won’t be able to effectively do your job and deliver the high quality service that is expected at such price.

Addressing conflicts or setbacks with clients is all about how you approach the situation, whether you’re a San Diego internet marketing company like ourselves, or you are a brick-and-mortar businesses selling apparel.

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