5 Truths About SEO That Will Surprise You

Truths About SEO That Will Surprise You in San Diego, CA

SEO is a complicated and constantly changing online marketing strategy. Some aspects of SEO are common knowledge, but others aren’t so straightforward. Here are five surprising facts about SEO you probably don’t know, brought to you by the experts at Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego.

1. Bad SEO Will Hurt Your Business

Bad SEO is ineffective, and it can also cause problems for your business. Black hat SEO is the improper or unethical use of SEO techniques to try to improve a site’s ranking. Common black hat strategies include keyword stuffing, private link networks, and cloaking. These techniques can all result in penalties from Google, which will have a negative effect on your ranking. Focusing on creating authentic and helpful content is much better for your business than trying to game the system.

2. Viral Content Is Probably a Waste of Time

Viral content can help your business gain visibility, but having your content go viral is incredibly hard to achieve. You can’t predict what will go viral, so trying to create viral content is a waste of time and resources. There are easier, more consistent SEO strategies that are a much better use of your time and money.

3. Incoming Links Aren’t Always Helpful

Inbound links are one of the best ways to increase your ranking, but links coming from questionable domains or websites that aren’t related to your industry could result in penalties from Google. When it comes to link building, quality is more important than quantity.

4. Duplicate Content Isn’t as Bad as It Used to Be

Duplicate content used to be a big problem, but it’s fine to include duplicate content as long as you use the correct tags. If you republish existing content on your site, you should use canonical tags, which will tell Google where the original source is.

5. Relevancy Is Essential

To rank well, all of your site content, including titles, image descriptions, and HTML tags, must be relevant to the focus of your website. Relevancy ensures your content provides useful information for your site visitors and that you’re not trying to manipulate Google’s algorithm to improve your ranking.

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