10 Productive Strategies & Tactics for Digital Marketing

Tactics for Digital Marketing & Productive Strategies in San Diego, CA

An effective digital marketing campaign can improve your bottom line and increase awareness of your brand. There are many directions your organization can take. Saba SEO, an industry-leading online marketing and web design company in San Diego, suggests using these 10 effective digital marketing tactics and strategies.

1. Editorial Calendar

Creating an editorial calendar sounds like a lot of unnecessary work and planning until you actually use one. You’ll find it becomes your framework and makes your job easier. Most of all, it allows you to create great online buzz for new products and major events.

2. Google My Business

Fill out an online Google My Business form for your business. Create one for every branch if you have multiple locations. Over half of all mobile searches are local searches. Get to the top with the free Google My Business feature.

3. Individualized Email Marketing

Create a sequenced email marketing program that’s based on when customers sign up. Your sales pitch isn’t going to be the same with a new customer as it would be with a regular online follower. Individualized marketing can allow you to build customers’ trust based on when they signed up.

4. Video

Whether creating video tutorials or unboxing your latest product, the use of video is increasing each year.

5. Blog

Create a blog for your site. The blog can be related to your product or the philosophy or lifestyle of the customers who use your product or service.

6. Affiliate Program

Creating an affiliate program for bloggers and organizations is a good financial investment because it allows bloggers and individuals to personally endorse your brand, which helps your SEO ranking. It also increases your brand’s exposure.

7. Influencers

Invite an influencer to promote your brand on Instagram for a day. If you don’t want to use an influencer, how about experts at your own organization? Utilize hashtags, and let that individual use his or her creativity to promote your brand.

8. FAQs

Answering questions can help your website get to the top of search engine results. Use questions customers have asked on social media or in emails.

9. Natural Voice

Because of Alexa, Siri, and Google, there are now more voice searches. These natural voice searches are different from written searches. Figure out what sorts of questions your customers are likely to ask, and use those long-tailed keywords in your text.

10. Brand Authority

When talking about SEO, it really comes down to trust and knowledge. This sort of brand authority is gold. Make sure to post high-quality content. The content must be accurate and free of grammatical errors, and it should demonstrate your deep knowledge.

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