How to Review Your Ad Copy to Boost PPC Performance

Boosting PPC Performance by Reviewing Ad Copy in San Diego, CA

The U.S. spends over $80 billion on digital advertising every year, but the vast majority of online ads are ineffective. To avoid wasting money on ads, it’s important to test your ad copy frequently. San Diego AdWords experts share a few tips on how you can test your ad copy to boost your PPC performance.

Include Numerical Abbreviations and Full Values

Including numbers in your ad quantifies the information and grabs your viewers’ attention. The numbers make a solid, factual claim that viewers can trust. However, abbreviating the number might impact your ad’s success. For example, including “10K” in your ad may bring different results than including the figure “10,000.”

Add or Remove the Price

Some businesses benefit from including prices in their ads, and others see their PPC negatively impacted when their ad copy includes a price. On one hand, prices give viewers important information. On the other hand, including the price reminds viewers that they’ll need to spend money on your product or service, especially if your price isn’t the lowest. Testing both options shows you which option is better for your ad.

Be Careful with Punctuation

Many people don’t think much about the importance of punctuation in an ad. However, it can have a huge impact on your PPC performance. One study found that over 40 percent of top performing ads used exclamation points, but only a small fraction used question marks and dollar signs. While an exclamation point might be successful for many businesses, testing multiple types of punctuation can help you find the best option.

Focus on Call to Action

The wording of your call to action, especially the first word, can make a big difference in your viewers’ reactions to your ad. “Call us” and “contact us” might have two very different success rates for your ad. “Order now” and “buy today” might also cause two different reactions.

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