What to Consider When Hiring SEO Professionals

Things to Consider When Hiring SEO Professionals

Search engine optimization is a diverse field that includes everything from link building to producing effective social media and email engagement plans. If you don’t have time or expertise to understand this field, hiring SEO professionals can be a wise investment. But not all SEO “experts” are equal. A leading San Diego SEO company shares a few tips on what to consider when hiring SEO professionals.

Adherence to Ethical SEO Practices

You should avoid potential issues with search engines by choosing a consultant who adheres to ethical SEO practices such as Google’s webmaster best practices. These guidelines prohibit tricks such as presenting “hidden text” specifically for website crawlers and using fake or questionable links.

Clear Explanation of Tactics

You should get a clear idea about how the experts will put together an SEO strategy for you. For instance, professional SEO consultants may tell you they would first evaluate your website and data (traffic, leads, and conversions) to determine where you stand, and then make recommendations based on this analysis.

Communication and Tracking of Results

Get a good idea about how the experts manage communication and track results. The SEO professionals should keep you informed of what they’re doing for you and notify you before making any adjustments to your SEO plan. They shouldn’t make random changes without consulting you first. Communication should also include:

  • Easy access to stats
  • Periodic reports on your SEO results
  • The ability to reach someone when you have questions or need clarification on something

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