Simple Ways to Build an Email List

How To Email Market in San Diego, CA

You don’t buy an email list, you build one.

Most companies have an email opt-in prominently placed on their website. For some companies that works, for others it doesn’t. If that’s not the right strategy for your business, savvy San Diego online marketing experts offer other ways to build an email list.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

Place an opt-in form on your primary Facebook page or use your Twitter account to tweet a sign-up link. In this way, your email list can grow along with your social media following.

2. Show or Offer a Sample

As effective as ad copy can be at persuading a prospect to respond to a call to action, showing or offering a sample can perhaps be more effective. If you have a newsletter, link to an example of it from your opt-in form. Or, if you’re selling information products, offer them a free sample in exchange for their email address. Here are some other ideas:

  • webinar series (drawn from podcasts, or that get repurposed into podcasts)
  • free phone coaching or lesson
  • an interview about your new audience member that you edit and send back to them

3. Use Quick Response Codes

These are usually referred to as QR codes. They are the square “bar codes” that smartphones can scan and then display content. Use one of these to display your opt-in form. This is excellent for offline forms such as pamphlets, flyers, business cards, or even a sticker on your store window.

4. Offer an Email Receipt Option

This is often easier for your customer than keeping tracking of a paper receipt, so it can be very appealing. It can be especially helpful when the receipt will be used for a tax deduction.

5. Link to Your Opt-in Page

Put it in several locations and make it easy to click through. Just like you have an email signature, create social media signatures and include the link there.

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