The Ultimate Webinar Checklist: Ensuring Your Webinar Goes Off Without a Hitch

Successful Webinar in San Diego, ca

Webinars are a favorite among San Diego digital marketing agencies because they are a cost-effective way to attract the attention of potential customers, clients, and investors. Ensuring your event goes off without a hitch involves careful planning and attention to detail.

1. Set the Format

Start by selecting your format. A webinar can include a series of guest speakers introduced by a moderator or host, one person talking the entire time, or even a single or group interview session.

2. Promote It

Post social details of your upcoming webinar. You can even get creative and pique the interest of potential attendees by providing a few details here and there. Further promote your webinar by:

  • Creating a hashtag for the event
  • Mentioning it in your email newsletter
  • Blogging about it

3. Determine Topics

Determine the topics that will be covered, but go beyond the basics with each topic to increase interest and provide truly relevant information. Your topic prep may include:

  • Researching each topic to find new info and angles
  • Interviewing subject matter experts
  • Finding interesting sub-topics

4. Recruit Speakers

If you’re going to have different speakers, talk to them about playing off one another. While they are likely presenting on different topics, engaging with one another can make for a lively, more interesting webinar.

5 & 6. Set Price Structure and Register Attendees

Determine an acceptable fee for your webinar based on what will be included and what your purpose is for having it in the first place. If you offer a free webinar, bear in mind roughly 50 percent of registered participants will be no-shows. You’ll also want to have a system in place to register attendees. There are plenty of free registration tools available, but they are fairly basic and might not be ideal if you plan on hosting webinars regularly.

7. Visual-Heavy Slide Deck

Use a consistent color scheme that’s easy on the eyes and mix in charts, graphs, and infographics to keep your webinar visually interesting. Keep any copy simple and direct.

8. Technical Stuff

Pick your preferred web conference tools based on your anticipated technical needs. Designate someone to handle the technical stuff during the actual webinar. Mute computers, check audio, and do a run-through in advance of the actual webinar.

Send out follow-up emails or questionnaires after your webinar. Doing so gives you a chance to get feedback and determine if there’s anything you can do even better next time.

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