Finding Opportunities to Create Internal Links

How to Find Internal Linking Opportunities in San Diego, CA

Internal links are integral to the SEO success of a website. Internal links help Google understand what your site’s main pages are, and they help customers find related content. Most of all, internal links are the framework for your site. How can you find internal linking opportunities? The SEO experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego SEO agency, offer the following advice

Create an Ultimate Page or Guide

This can be a sort of “best of your website” guide to your content. In the guide, you can include brief introductions to topics or items. Include internal links on this page. This helps customers get more information and improves your SEO because users stay on your site longer. When people stay on your site longer, it tells Google you have an authoritative site, resulting in a better SEO ranking. Boosting just a few pages will help your overall search results.

Group Topics Together

You may not see a natural way to link articles to each other. You can list all of your content on cards and then put together related cards. For example, you could include recipes on your website. You can divide your recipes by the four seasons and then include links within each season’s page. Or you can include subtopics, such as vegetables, and those internal links could include all of the seasons. The links show your authority on the subject and demonstrate your expertise to Google.

Link to Important Pages

Always make sure to create internal links to important pages. Don’t include a link to a page that doesn’t link elsewhere. This dead end could send a customer to another site altogether.

Make Sure Links Work

Always make sure your links work. Test all links to make sure they’re not broken. Also look for redirected links.

Link Photos

You can also add links to photos. Whether the images show products or infographics, this is yet another way to add a powerful link to your site.

If you need help setting up internal links on your site, understanding how search engines view your content, or developing your overall SEO strategy, call on the SEO experts from Saba SEO, an industry-leading provider of San Diego SEO services with more than a decade of experience. Reach out to one of our SEO specialists today at 858-277-1717.