What You Need to Know About Creating Eye-Catching Infographics

How to create an Infographics Tips in San Diego, CA

As visual content marketing gains in popularity, more online marketing companies in San Diego are using infographics as an effective way to drive traffic and establish authority. If you’re venturing into the world of visual marketing, here are a few tips to create a killer infographic.

1. Gather and Structure Your Data

One of the most important aspects of creating an infographic is to pull pertinent data and ensure that it aligns with the project’s objective. The goal is to organize and present this content in such a way that it forms an easy-to-comprehend, visual narrative. Before putting numbers and stats on the graphic, however, make sure you double check information and verify sources.

2. Create the Story

Every infographic tells a story about specific trends through movements and processes in a clear and concise manner. Rather than throwing a bunch of numbers and graphics on a page, be mindful of how each item flows to the next. Good flow will keep the reader’s attention and help him or her remain interested in what’s being presented.

3. Build a Hierarchy of Elements

The main goal when creating an infographic is to avoid boring the audience by providing them with a thoughtful, illustrated graphic. One way to accomplish this is to maintain consistency with how the visual elements are presented. Establish the fundamental point first, followed by supporting research and facts.

4. Play with Elements to Guide the Eye

To create a cohesive infographic, utilize line, shape, and color. These basic design elements will establish a visual guide for your audience. For instance, placing numbers within circles or using dotted lines to lead from one section of content to the next are clear ways to keep the eye moving through the data. Variations in color can also be used to make essential information stand out, but take care to avoid clashing or visually abrasive hues.

5. Keep It Simple

It’s easy to get carried away when designing an infographic. Like most other things, infographics are best when kept simple. Stick to a limited color palette, opt for similar styles with images, and remain consistent with your font choices.

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