5 Tips on Selecting the Right Keywords

Selecting Right Keywords for SEO in San Diego, CA

Nearly 20 billion searches are performed each year, leading to answers to questions, product selection, and access to blogs, websites, social media pages, videos, and images. If you are trying to connect with these searchers, you’ll definitely want to know what keywords to select.San Diego SEO experts suggest five tips to get you started.

1. Think Like Your Customers

Make a list of words or phrases somebody looking for your products or services would use during a search. Be as specific as possible by selecting terms relevant to your business without being too broad. For instance, using “Italian pizza shop” instead of “pizza shop” may place your business on search pages related to Italian food.

2. Use Your Free Google Tools

With Google Insights, you can check local trends and compare search volume to determine if you’re on track with your keywords. Identify relevant search results with Wonder Wheel by entering different keywords. If you’re planning paid campaigns, AdWords’ Keyword Planner tool lets you know how competitive your keywords are.

3. Think Long-Tail with Your Keywords

Group your keyword selections together based on relevancy. Long-tail keywords make up about 70 percent of all searches, and allow you to target customers better at different points in the buying cycle. With groups, you can benefit from popular and lesser-searched, meaning less competitive, keywords at the same time.

4. Check Up on Your Competitors

Be aware of your competitors’ keywords to determine what’s working for them and what words or phrases they may be overlooking. Look at their meta tags by using free tools such as SEMRush and Alexa and create your own unique tags.

5. Analyze and Compare Results

Once you’ve selected possible keywords for either paid campaigns or to determine their impact on traffic, test two versions of the same page with different keywords. Another way to analyze and compare results is to make a spreadsheet and track results for each keyword.

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