Top Content Tools to Use in 2018

Best Content Tools 2018 in San Diego, CA

Creating content can be time-consuming. Content tools can help you create high-quality material and promote it. These tools can range from SEO to promotion, all with the intention of increasing your audience. What are the top content tools you should be using in 2018? The experts at Saba SEO, one of the top marketing companies in San Diego, explain how to make the most of content tools.


Your competitors are beating you in the Google rankings game, but how can you beat them? SEMrush allows you to see the keywords your competitors are using with just a copy and paste of their URL. Instantly, you have all of their keywords as well as your own keyword information. Best of all, SEMrush will reveal the keywords your competitors aren’t using. Equipped with this knowledge, you can now plan to create your own high-quality content and watch your Google rankings climb.


Graphics and other visuals are a must for online content. This is an opportunity to visually demonstrate an idea. Most of all, visual diagrams can break up a text and make it more appealing to readers. Canva has easy-to-use templates that only require dragging and dropping a few elements that quickly produce a professional-looking graphic.


With nearly 200 million visitors a month, Medium is an invaluable tool to bring content to a wider audience. Whether readers find you serendipitously through topics or because they are following a favorite author who applauded your content, Medium is a great way to expand your audience.


Email lists are the best way to connect with potential customers. Unlike social media or other ways of connecting with your readers, email gives you an opportunity to hold on to your customer information without needing to worry if the platform will still be there in five years. Mailchimp has a lot of useful tools that can help you personalize your offers to email subscribers.


You’ve written your content, and now you want your readers to easily share it. Mashshare is a handy tool that makes sharing content to social media easy.

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