Best Data Visualization Tools for Survey Results

Data Visualization Tools for Survey Results in San Diego, CA

Data visualization tools, which provide a visual way to look at data, are essential for understanding survey results. Examples of data visualization could be graphs or pie charts that help you analyze the information you’ve gathered and determine what organizational changes your business may want to undertake. Here are the best survey data visualization tools, brought to you by Saba SEO, one of the top marketing companies in San Diego.


More than likely, your site is on WordPress. If so, it makes sense to use the very affordable WP plugin WPForms. The Surveys and Polls add-on automatically summarizes your data into visual displays. You can choose whether you want a pie chart or bar graph. The drag-and-drop format is easy for anyone to use. The end result can be exported in a variety of formats, including JPEG, PDF, and print. All can be easily shared in emails or physical reports.

Google Charts

What business doesn’t love free? Google Charts offers a simple visualization tool. The open-source Google Charts only requires your data. The final result is interactive charts you can share with your team.

Organizations that are very active on social media will like what has to offer. Businesses can create reports with, as well as social media–friendly infographics, videos, and even ebooks that could go viral. The final results are attractive and can be easily shared on social media.


With eSurveysPro, businesses can easily create reports. They offer both a free standard 14-question option and an upgraded option that allows you to filter the information based on your custom commands.


SurveyPlanet gives businesses a simple way to create visuals from survey data. It’s easy to use, and the data results are easy to comprehend. This tool cannot be customized in any way.

Data visualization tools can be extremely helpful when people need to understand survey results and how to use them in strategic planning for their businesses. If you need help conducting online surveys or interpreting their results, call on the SEO and Internet marketing service professionals from Saba SEO. We employ cutting-edge technology and digital marketing expertise to help businesses around the world enhance brand image, boost rank, and increase revenue. For more on how we can help you use data visualization and a variety of analytical tools for your business, call us today at 858-277-1717.