Metrics for Evaluating Digital Marketing Performance

Determining if your digital marketing efforts are successful can take time and effort. Below, the San Diego SEO specialists at Saba SEO offer a high-level overview of some of the most important key metrics for measuring success in digital marketing and a few tools to help you understand the data. 

Overall Site Traffic

Understanding the platform-level data, such as the number of visitors, visits, and page views, is a great place to start to assess how your marketing efforts are performing. Any changes in these numbers can help you understand any shifts in your digital marketing success. Personalized reports can also give you more insight into where people visit and what they might do on your site.


Knowing how visitors found your site, how long they spent there, and what they did is essential to understanding whether or not people are connecting with your content. You can also see what’s driving people away by your bounce rate.

Lead Generation

Monitoring your “pulse” is critical to understanding how well digital marketing strategies work. If you’re using digital marketing strategy tools like Google Analytics, a social following can be a good indicator of success and give you more insight into how well your posts perform on platforms such as Twitter.


Impressions and clicks are great to measure if you want to know how well your digital marketing strategy works, but knowing whether or not the people viewing your site are making a purchase is essential. A business can’t just measure its success with click rates or conversions. Business owners must also know why they’re getting that number of sales, and they need to understand that local search makes a big difference in creating results.

Brand Awareness

Creating brand awareness through digital platforms and networks is easier than other marketing forms because people interact with your brand on social media and share content online. You can measure your brand’s online presence by looking at mentions in blog posts and search engine results and on social media.

Digital marketing success isn’t just about the number of clicks or visits to your site. Many businesses do well in digital marketing but have no idea of their return on investment, so it’s important to understand the different metrics and tools that can give you a picture of digital marketing success.

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