Top Predictions for Content Marketing in 2016

Content Marketing Predictions in San Diego, CA

The goal of content marketers in San Diego will always be to create relevant, valuable, engaging, and consistent content across multiple platforms. As with anything done online, there are trends to be mindful of each year. With 2016 officially in full swing, here are a few predictions for the year.

1. User Information Will Tell a Better Story

Advances in data gathering will allow bits and pieces of info to be gathered from social profiles to tell a more coherent story.

2. Algorithms Will Get Better at Generating Content

What was once only imaged by Ray Bradbury may very well be on it’s a way to becoming reality as advanced robotic journalistic algorithms will generate more content in 2016. A human hand will still be needed for more extensive content–for now.

3. Long-Form Content Will Be Necessary to Drive Web Traffic

Websites that provide quick answers will need to be re-designed to focus on more complex and detailed topics as search engines become capable of answering longer queries.

4. Social Platforms Will Offer Publishing Options

New publishing options, similar to Facebook’s Instant Articles, will give publishers the option to publish articles immediately on social platforms.

5. Demand for Visual Content Will Increase

As internet speeds continue to improve, mobile users will demand more visual content.

6. Content Will Become Increasingly Interactive

The concept of customization, already seen in news feeds, will be applied to more content in 2016.

7. Larger Media Brands Will Purchase Niche Sites

Larger media brands will purchase smaller, niche sites that work within their brand. The result will be an expanded audience for some larger brands.

8. Advertising Will Be Further Linked to Content

Both content and advertising will become more personalized, with placement based on people’s search habits.

There will still be a lack of patience among some brands to venture out on their own and tell a story that’s different yet engaging due to the continued expectation for immediate results. In other words, while some promising possibilities are on the way, some things will remain unchanged.

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