8 Characteristics of a Fantastic Web Designer

Qualities Of A Great Web Designer in San Diego, CA

When you’re considering hiring a web designer, the individual needs to be more than just able to set up your website. The designer needs to capture the essence of your business. How do you know if a web designer has what it takes? Below, the San Diego web design experts at Saba SEO list the top eight qualities of a great web designer. Check off this list, and you’ve found your person.

1. Good Communication

Although coding and putting together a website require a certain set of nonverbal skills, the ability to communicate clearly is the most important quality a web designer should have. What you have in mind and what the designer has in mind could be different things altogether. The web designer knows what can be done. A good web designer will talk to you and consider your business goals when setting up your site.

2. Reliability

A great web designer needs to be able to meet deadlines. The individual should be able to keep promises.

3. Creativity

A web designer needs to be creative when putting together a website. Moreover, the person needs to be able to creatively solve problems. Not everything goes as planned. A great web designer needs to have an open mind so he or she can solve problems and keep you on schedule.

4. Discipline

The right web designer needs to be able to work independently. The designer needs to stick to your budget and go the extra mile. This all requires discipline.

5. SEO Knowledge

All web designers should understand SEO. This knowledge will affect website design. Understanding Google rewards sites that follow best SEO practices and staying up to date with those changes only helps your site after it goes live.

6. Skill in Responsive Design

Your site needs to be easy to navigate no matter what device is used. Responsive design means the website adjusts to the type of platform used.

7. UX Knowledge

User experience is important to customers. The easier your site is to use, the higher your SEO score is. It also means customers are more likely to buy from you.

8. Passion

A great web designer needs to have passion for his or her work. Anything less will show on your site. Only hire someone who loves what he or she does.

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