SEO Tweaks that Can Improve Your Rank

Improve Your Rank with SEO Tweaks in San Diego, CA

When faced with search engine optimization (SEO), most brands think they need a major overhaul to rank. To achieve maximum ranking, your site may only need a few small SEO tweaks. These simple tweaks may take very little time to implement. The experienced SEO professionals from Saba SEO, a premier SEO company in San Diego, offer these highly effective SEO tweaks for brands to consider.

Don’t Repeat Keywords

Don’t repeat the same keyword in different articles or blog posts. This tactic confuses Google, and it won’t rank your site high because the bots think you’re repeating the same content. Make one page a landing page for a main keyword, then rework other articles with complementary keywords. After this is accomplished, link all the articles to each other.

Upgrade to Responsive Theme

Is your site mobile ready? Google ranks sites that are responsive higher than sites that haven’t updated to accommodate mobile.

Check Spelling and Grammar

One of the easiest tweaks is checking that all content is both spelled correctly and grammatically correct. That attention to detail is what will help your SEO rank and make you stand out from your competition.

Use Video Transcription

Video is one of the hottest SEO trends, especially as YouTube is second in searches to parent company Google. Make that video give you an additional benefit by adding video transcription. This simple tweak will assist the Google bots in identifying your content and keywords.

Watch for Bad Links

Broken links and redirects are essentially closing the door on a customer. The inevitable website delay often means the customer will become frustrated and leave your site for your competitor. Improve user experience by cleaning up bad links with a crawler. Also fix any 404s or redirects. This simple tweak will improve SEO because it elevates user experience and makes your site appear more professional and authoritative.

When it comes to effective SEO tactics, paying attention to small details and simple tweaks like these can make all the difference in your brand’s rank. For help with your SEO strategy, call on the search engine optimization experts from Saba SEO, a top-tier online marketing company that provides high-quality SEO service San Diego businesses rely on to boost their rank and increase revenue. Give us a call today at 858-277-1717.