Minor Web Tweaks that Can Have a Major Impact

Small Web Tweaks That Make A Big Difference in San Diego, CA

Websites aren’t meant to be set in stone. Therefore, it’s not unusual to notice a drop in rankings, traffic, and other key performance indicators as a website “ages” and remains accessible. Even newer sites can fail to deliver the expected results because of some important things that are overlooked. Regardless of what applies to your site, here are some small web tweaks that can make a big difference, brought to you by the experts from Saba SEO, a premier San Diego web development company.

Improving Navigation

Getting around a website is really important when it comes to conversion rates and overall engagement. Web-related tweaks specific to navigation include:

• Making buttons and menus easy to find and access
• Keeping navigation options to a minimum to avoid overwhelming visitors
• Making labels with navigation features clear and easy to figure out

Adjusting Colors & Fonts

Take an objective look at your website. Are the colors and fonts consistent and easy on the eyes? If the answer to either question is “no,” it’s time to do some tweaking. Pay particular attention to fonts and colors with clickable or tappable buttons, links, headlines, and subheads.

Simplifying Layout

There’s nothing wrong with getting creative with website layout. However, it’s just as important to avoid unintentional confusion with how your site is presented. This is something you can do by:

• Minimizing the need to click through multiple pages
• Using only relevant and correctly sized and placed images
• Having a clear and logical order with how your site is presented

Creating Relevant, Engaging Content

Content is what ultimately creates a good user experience on websites. Tweak your site by making sure the content included is still relevant to the intended audience. Also, be careful with your keyword selection within your content. It should naturally fit and not disrupt the flow because of awkward phrasing. Additional content-related website tweaks to consider involve:

• Shorter, easier-to-digest paragraphs
• Strategic spacing
• Descriptive, eye-catching headlines
• Bullet or numbered lists to highlight important points

Getting into the habit of A/B or comparison testing is another thing that can make a big difference for your website. This is the process of testing various elements of your site, from the placement of text and the images used to the phrasing of the call to action. Simply compare results and see which website elements work best for you.

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