Twitter for Business 101

Twitter Tips in San Diego, CA

With more than 300 million active monthly users, Twitter isn’t a platform that should be ignored when making your online marketing strategy. Even though Twitter makes an effort to present ads and other content based on user activity, you’ll still have to make choices with how you display ads for your business via this platform.

Types of Twitter Ads

Twitter’s Objective-Based Campaigns feature directs you towards the right type of “card,” or ad type, for your goals. By tapping “privacy and content” under “Settings,” you can tailor ads according to info from your ad partners. There are nine types of Twitter ads you can choose.

The type of ad you run depends on the preferred action you want a browser to take. App cards, for instance, will take a user directly to the app store to purchase a particular app you’re promoting. Lead generation cards capture email addresses you can use to expand your database. You can also have ads that:

  • Use an image to direct clicks to your site
  • Display an assortment of products
  • Take users to a specific landing page on your website
  • Link directly to a short video or GIF related to your campaign

Promoting Your Ads

Ads can be distributed as Promoted Tweets, which can be purchased and linked to certain content likely to appeal to your desired audience. A short description is included if you opt for a Promoted Account, which also has a convenient “Follow” button. Promoted Trends will send your hashtag to the head of Twitter’s trending hashtags list in specific locations.

When you run Twitter campaigns, you’ll get a suggested bid price. Consider going lower than what’s recommended. In many cases, you’ll get effective results for less. As with ads displayed via other platforms, track your results and make adjustments as necessary to fine-tune your delivery and presentation.

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