The Constant Aspects of SEO

The Basics of SEO in San Diego, CA

It’s common for SEO experts to discuss the ever-changing algorithms for search engine optimization. Google updates its algorithm frequently and popular SEO strategies evolve over time, but several fundamentals of SEO remain unchanged. San Diego search engine optimization experts discuss a few components of SEO that stay the same.


Crawlability is a search engine’s ability to find your site. The search engine needs to access and read your content in order to rank it, so crawlability should be your first consideration when optimizing your site.

Most pages can easily be found by search engines, but Flash and JavaScript pages sometimes have hidden links that prevent search engines from locating them. You can use both HTML and XML to make it easier for search engines to crawl your site.

Site Structure

Search engines should be able to understand the hierarchy of your website content. When they crawl, they find the homepage and click on every link, and they assume the pages linked on the homepage are important. Hence, you should only link the most important pages of your website to the homepage.


Keywords give search engines an idea of what your content is about and what search queries are relevant to your site. Google penalizes websites that attempt to fit keywords into a page as many times as possible. Instead, try to provide helpful content that naturally uses relevant keywords.


Backlinks are links from other sites to your site, and they’re one of the most important elements of Google’s SEO algorithm. Search engines weigh the quality of a site linking back to yours. The more authoritative sites link to your site, the better your site’s ranking will be.

There are frequent updates to Google’s algorithm, but these fundamentals don’t change. You can focus on the unchanging basics of SEO to create a site that will rank well. To create winning search engine optimization strategies, turn to Saba SEO. We are one of the leading marketing companies San Diego businesses and organizations all over the world rely on. For over a decade, we have helped our clients boost their search engine rankings. From keyword search to web design and content writing, we offer a wide variety of online marketing services to expand your outreach and increase your conversions. If you need a customized SEO plan for your business, call one of our SEO Managers at 858-951-1717 today.