What is A/B Split Testing in Digital Marketing?

AB Split Testing Defined

There are numerous strategies that businesses and individuals can use to gain insight on their web traffic, content, and even marketing strategies. A/B split testing represents one of the most useful strategies to use in digital or internet marketing. Let’s quickly delve into what A/B split testing is, why it’s useful, and what it can do to improve your efforts.

What is A/B Split Testing?

A/B split testing involves splitting up one population by sending it to two different destinations. The destinations may be two completely different web pages or the same web pages with minor changes. The best way to understand it is through example:

A business creates a new pay-per-click campaign in Google AdWords. They test using one page, which is referred to as the ‘A’ page, for a certain duration or specific set of time. They then test the effectiveness of another page, which would be the ‘B’ page, for the same period of time as the ‘A’ page. The business then has an overview of how effective each page is with the same population. These tests may be repeated for additional reliability.

Why Is It Useful?

A/B split testing is useful because it can provide a quick insight into the most effective elements on a page. It can give you an idea of where to start altering your pages and strategies to dramatically increase their effectiveness. A/B split testing can mean the difference between having a page that converts every one in five visitors and one that converts every one in ten.

How Can It Improve Your Business?

Split testing can show which elements in a page or a strategy are the most effective. It allows you to employ the scientific method to digital marketing, which means that you have results backed by concrete evidence. This can be used to improve how efficiently your digital marketing strategies are and results in less money spent, more successful conversions, and more profits.

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