Necessary Social Media Algorithms for Digital Marketing

Social Media Algorithms Digital Marketers Need in San Diego, CA

If you have a website and want to rank on social media or Google, you need to understand what the algorithms are. That’s because social media platforms spend a lot of time and money determining what’s most valuable to their users. They know what those customers are looking for. Therefore, so should you. The digital marketing professionals from Saba SEO, a premier marketing and SEO company San Diego businesses rely on for high-quality service and unmatched expertise, outline some social media algorithms digital marketers need for their marketing strategies.


First of all, your content needs to be of high quality. It must be free of grammatical and spelling errors and include well-researched and original material. Sites that achieve this will rank higher in SEO as well as the social media algorithms.

Cross Platforms

Your TikTok video shouldn’t be shared on Instagram or other platforms if you want to see it recommended. That’s because this is a competing platform, and Instagram will feature more content from their Meta platforms.


All social media platforms check for copyrighted photos and music. If you use any of these types of artistic works without permission, sites like Instagram and YouTube will flag you and take that content down. Always use copyright-free images or music or ones you purchase or create on your own.


When you use a hashtag, make sure the content is relevant. Sites like Twitter, which relies a lot on the latest news, will flag you and your content. In addition, users may flag you for inappropriate or spammy hashtags.


Know the ideal times to post your social media content. Scheduling a post in the middle of the night won’t help your site flow with the algorithms. Figure out where your customers are, then schedule your posts at their peak viewing times.


Create questionnaires and ask for opinions and other feedback. This sort of engagement is appealing to users on every social media platform, and it can increase exposure for your site as a platform recommendation.

Social media should definitely be one of the most important parts of your overall marketing strategy, which is why you need to understand how the algorithms on these platforms work. If you need help managing your social media marketing efforts or you’re looking for any other type of internet marketing service, call on the experts from Saba SEO. We’ve been helping businesses boost their rank and increase revenue for 20 years. Reach out to one of our social media marketing specialists today.