Key Features of the Updated AdWords Keyword Planner

A Quick Look at the Updated AdWords Keyword Planner in San Diego, CA

Google’s new AdWords interface includes a complete overhaul of the Keyword Planner. The new Keyword Planner uses Google’s Material Design so it matches the AdWords interface, and it is much more streamlined and easy to understand than the old version.

No one is sure quite how widespread the new Keyword Planner currently is. You may not see it in your AdWords account yet, but you probably will soon. It may take some time to get used to the changes, but they seem to be beneficial.

In the old version of the Keyword Planner, the start screen had several links and options. Now, you’ll only see two options when you visit the start screen. One option will let you find new keywords, and the other will let you view metrics and forecasts for your current keywords. Experts at Saba SEO, a leading SEO company in San Diego, share the features of the updated Keyword Planner tool.

Mobile Search Volume in the Keywords Ideas Chart

The Keyword Planner still shows total monthly search volume, but the main chart now includes mobile search volume as well. In the old Keyword Planner, you could only access mobile search volume in the drop-down menu.

New Metrics

The updated Keyword Planner includes a few new metrics in keyword ideas. You can see Organic Average Position and Organic Impression Share if a site ranks for particular keywords. However, you’ll have to link your AdWords and Search Console accounts to see these metrics, then manually add the metrics to your keyword ideas report.

Forecasting Feature

In the old version, users had to set a bid to see forecasting and adjust the bid to observe how changes would affect other metrics. The new Keyword Planner automatically shows you the total estimated performance impact for your keywords. You can still adjust the bid settings in the drop-down menu on the plan estimates.

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