Must-Know Mobile SEO Updates

Must Know Mobile SEO News

If you have been keeping up with SEO news, you probably know that search engines are continuously changing to provide internet users with easy access to high-quality information. Due to more people accessing the internet from smartphones and tablets, search engines have also made updates to mobile SEO. Here is what you need to know to keep your website ahead of the game.

Google Now Shows Tweets in Search Results

With the size and scope of Twitter continuing to expand, it was only a matter of time before Google began to include live tweets in search results. Google’s algorithm now uses words tagged in hashtags as keywords, so trending events on Twitter could potentially end up on a Google results page. If you don’t already have a Twitter account for your website or business, you may benefit from creating one. Tweeting your blog posts or important industry news with the appropriate keywords could increase your websites’ visitors.

Google Favors Mobile-Friendly Sites

When performing a search on a mobile device, Google will reward sites that are mobile-friendly. While not every site that is optimized for mobile devices will be ranked ahead of other sites, being mobile-friendly will give you an edge over competitors with similar value and content. If you’re site is not optimized for mobile viewing, you may benefit from updating to a theme that works with HTML5 and is optimized for most smartphones and tablets.

Apps Now Show Up in Search Results

If you have an app for your website or business, you will benefit from Google’s inclusion of mobile applications in search results. Search queries on mobile devices will now bring up apps that are relevant to keywords. For example, if you search for San Diego real estate news you may see a number of San Diego news or property listing apps on the results page. This update makes having a custom mobile app an essential part of attracting web traffic.

Without adapting sites for mobile users, businesses are ultimately limiting themselves and unintentionally driving business to competitors. If you need help making your website mobile-friendly, give Saba, Inc. a call at (858) 277-1717. As a trusted online marketing company in San Diego, we help businesses just like yours reach your target audience, drive traffic, and increase sales.