Should You Stick with 301 Redirects for HTTP to HTTPS Migrations?

HTTP to HTTPS Migrations

In 2014, Google first announced sites with HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) would enjoy a ranking boost. HTTPS websites provide more security for visitors entering personal information and help site owners avoid performance issues or potentially serious data breaches. Google displays a warning sign for all non-HTTPS websites, which often steers visitors away. Consequently, many website owners are using 301 redirects to transition from HTTP to HTTPS. The San Diego web design specialists at Saba SEO discuss the importance of 301 redirects.

What’s Wrong with Using Other HTTPS Redirect Codes?

303 status codes and other non-301 redirect efforts may not necessarily indicate a migration from HTTP to HTTPS. As a result, Google is likely to reprocess each URL on your site to determine what you’re doing. The process of reevaluating URLs significantly slows down the migration process, which could have an impact on your website’s visibility and performance.

Will Google Penalize Sites Using Other Redirects?

Google prefers 301 redirects, but it’s not a mandatory requirement. The important thing for the search engine is to be able to recognize a clear migration from HTTP to HTTPS and detect that all URLs have successfully moved. If Google can confirm you’re making a generic move, they’re also more likely to facilitate the transfer process. Google also wants to make sure you’re not:

• Removing content or code

• No-indexing pages differently

• Altering the overall structure of your site or its individual pages

There’s a common misconception that only websites that collect user information need to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. Even if there’s nothing sensitive on your site and you don’t ask for visitor details, the data being transferred to and from your site is still susceptible to viruses and malware. Plus, there are scammers who intentionally infuse vulnerable sites with ad content. These are just some of the reasons HTTPS is essential today. Just remember to use appropriate 301 redirects when you make your upgrade.

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